Acrylic pendant Light

This stunning pendant light, known as the Small Pine Cone, has such an elegant shape. It looks amazing in all three of its finishes,

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clear, frosted and mirrored acrylic. All of these examples are the same size/design, measuring 300mm diameter and 400mm tall. Each light is made from 152 individual pieces of acrylic. Most of the pieces are the same shape, only getting slightly smaller as they reach the bottom of the light, these would be shaped by a laser cutting machine. The light starts off with a series of ribs that run from top to bottom on the inside, these all have hooks on which the smaller pieces hang. The shape of the ribs makes

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angles, giving it a pine cone effect. This also affects how light travels through the acrylic, especially in the mirrored version because this acrylic is opaque. Designed by Jonas Lomburg in Copenhagen, all three of these versions look amazing but my favorite is the clear acrylic one.


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