Team Building @ Bowlplex

Great team building trip to the bowlplex Brighton marina last night. Well done Henri For getting the top score . Thank you Jane and Allen for footing the bill and a big thank you to Ginette Firstly for organising It And secondly Complaining about the computer crashing Getting us A free game and a free round of drinks. A great night all round Thank you to all got involved.

Clearly Modern Sign

Our good friends from Switch Signs are making good progress with our sign. The stainless steel pans are back from the powder coaters, the acrylic letters are all in place and vinyls have been applied. As you can see, they are doing a fantastic job. The next step will be the fitting, looking forward to seeing them on the outside of our building. I would highly recommend using them for any sign related projects. Checkout their website

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Brightly Coloured Acrylic Tables

It cannot fail to catch your eye, the colours look fantastic, we will definitely be looking to include a bigger range of colours including fluorescents in our acrylic furniture designs in the future. Love the triangular shapes, from my experience i’ts not the easiest of angles to machine and if they are not quite right the gaps will look awful, these tables go further than that though not only do they have the 60 degree angles of a triangle they include 45 degree mitres on all 3 sides as well, making the construction very difficult to get perfect.

From the pictures it seems they managed to do a pretty good job.

Laser Technology

Laser technology has come a long way since Flash Gordon’s time, Ming the merciless and his death ray have very little on modern machines. Over the years machines have got safer, smaller and cheaper, making their processes more versatile and accessible. These acrylic tables and tray are fun examples of laser cutting. They show how accurate and neat the cut can be, it would be impossible to achieve the same results using a router, the laser has a very fine cut enabling it to do far more intricate work. The added bonus being that as it cuts through the acrylic, the heat of the laser polishes the edges. The strength of the laser can also be adjusted to engrave or etch into the acrylic, this example of Motorhead’s warpig has been etched on the back of a piece of 15mm thick acrylic, then attached to a piece of 5mm frosted black to show the etching. Any designs, patterns, names or company logos could be incorporated in our furniture designs.


Acrylic pendant Light

This stunning pendant light, known as the Small Pine Cone, has such an elegant shape. It looks amazing in all three of its finishes, clear, frosted and mirrored acrylic. All of these examples are the same size/design, measuring 300mm diameter and 400mm tall. Each light is made from 152 individual pieces of acrylic. Most of the pieces are the same shape, only getting slightly smaller as they reach the bottom of the light, these would be shaped by a laser cutting machine. The light starts off with a series of ribs that run from top to bottom on the inside, these all have hooks on which the smaller pieces hang. The shape of the ribs makes the smaller pieces sit at different angles, giving it a pine cone effect. This also affects how light travels through the acrylic, especially in the mirrored version because this acrylic is opaque. Designed by Jonas Lomburg in Copenhagen, all three of these versions look amazing but my favorite is the clear acrylic one.

Crystal Clear Glue Joints

We’ve got a brand new glueing process that enables us to achieve crystal clear glue joints on large areas, something that we at Clearly Modern have always strived to achieve using our usual solvent glue.

This new method is going to give us greater versatility and let us create bigger and better acrylic furniture with perfect glue joints. After a few trial joints I started to get the hang of how it worked, it wasn’t long before the perfect job arrived to try it out for the first time. Our customer wanted a TV stand and after further discussions with them we decided not to go down our usual route with stainless steel bolts but to glue the piece together. Made from 50mm and 20mm clear acrylic it was a heavy piece of furniture. The glue joints attaching the shelves to the legs were the most difficult to get crystal clear, because the shelves had their corners cut out to let the leg in, so the glue surface was on two planes. The customer was very happy with the outcome and I’m looking forward to using this method more in the future.

Clear Acrylic Cot

This clear acrylic cot looks great, modern and sleek, but is it practical? As a Daddy to 6 month old Lyric this design caught my eye. It looks to be standard cot type construction, two ends, two sides and a base. The sides have a series of polished routed slots for air circulation, which attach to the base. The two solid pieces the ends. This cot is probably made from 10mm thick clear acrylic. The plus side would be being able to see what your baby’s up to, without having to look over the sides of a cot. It is going to wipe clean easily, will it make baby feel secure? Will you be able to check up on baby, without getting spotted? Will baby settle with all of the distractions in the room in constant full view? I love the design but don’t think this one’s for me or my baby. The other two versions have mixed wood and acrylic together, just leaving the sides made out of acrylic. One uses laser cut patterned panels for the sides, I love the old style legs on this version, it reminds me of an old TV set. The other has routed slats as has the first example. These I would consider using myself, with the wood going all around the outside of the acrylic, framing it on both versions. It would be like watching your kid on TV, what could be better?


Acrylic Magazine rack

This stylish magazine rack would look good beside any comfy chair. I love the way it’s made to look, like the leaves of a book thats flopped open. Each leaf has been curved to look paper like, this is done using an oven. The acrylic is heated until pliable, then quickly placed on to a former. Each leaf is then attached to the spine, making three compartments for magazines. This particular rack is made from 5mm red translucent acrylic, but it could be made in any available coloured acrylic. A great well thought out design, that looks the part, functional and stylish.

Modern Designer Furniture

This design uses the different materials beautifully. I love the way the curved wooden base has two slots to take the frame of a chair, as it slides through the slots the seat becomes upright or reclines making this a very versatile statement piece. The base itself is probably made from MDF, clad in real wood veneer then given a very highly polished finish. The frame, which has a matching but opposite curve to the base, looks to be crafted from stainless steel or chrome tube again with a highly polished finish. To top it all off the individual upholstered bolsters sit perfectly spaced along the top of the frame, giving support and comfort as well as a fantastic look. We are currently looking at using all of these materials with acrylic to form some of our own pieces in the future – watch this space!

Clearly Modern