Clear Acrylic Cot

This clear acrylic cot looks great, modern and sleek, but is it practical? As a Daddy to 6 month old Lyric this design caught my eye. It looks to be standard cot type construction, two ends, two sides and a base. The sides have a series of polished routed slots for air circulation, which attach to the base. The two solid pieces the ends. This cot is probably made from 10mm thick clear acrylic. The plus side would be being able to see what your baby’s up to, without having to look over the sides of a cot. It is going to wipe clean easily, will it make baby feel secure? Will you be able to check up on baby, without getting spotted? Will baby settle with all of the distractions in the room in constant full view? I love the design but don’t think this one’s for me or my baby. The other two versions have mixed wood and acrylic together, just leaving the sides made out of acrylic. One uses laser cut patterned panels for the sides, I love the old style legs on this version, it reminds me of an old TV set. The other has routed slats as has the first example. These I would consider using myself, with the wood going all around the outside of the acrylic, framing it on both versions. It would be like watching your kid on TV, what could be better?