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How simple can a desk be? Not much more than this, just two legs and a top moulded into one piece. The lines look so clean, up, over and down, only breaking for the foot detail. I

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think white really suits this piece but it could be made from coloured acrylic, either a single colour or a mixture? Maybe two tone would work? It certainly would be possible to make bespoke for any customer’s colour scheme. This version is probably made from mdf, spray painted, lacquered then polished to a high gloss finish. I love the three hidden drawers, evenly spaced along the top without any handles to spoil the lines. The inside of the piece would be hollow allowing for cable management channels to travel through

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the body of the desk. The design looks so sleek, a stunning and practical edition to any home/office, we will be looking more at this type of design for the future. Shaun. Clearly Modern

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