Home Office Work Station

This home/office work station is ideal for those of us who are short on space, or like a computer work station kept out of the way and tidy. I like the way it seems to snake up the wall, then back over the users head, forming book shelves and book ends. Also the way the bends form the users leg room, then bend up and back, to form the table surface. This leaves a void, which through a slot machined in the front of the desk, a keyboard drawer can be pulled out of for typing, or pushed into out of sight. The whole thing is made from a single piece of acrylic, this is then heat bent into shape, one bend at a time. The un-bent blank, which would be quite a length, needs to be routed first into shape. You’ll notice as it goes up the back of the monitor and starts to form the shelves, it narrows to book width. This modern design looks very stylish, and is certainly something Clearly Modern could produce. We could make this in any available colour of acrylic, I think it would look great in clear.

Clearly modern