Acrylic Robot

It’s not every day i’m asked to build an acrylic robot, these type of bespoke pieces are what I enjoy creating most. After many discussions with our customer, Ryan came up with a detailed plan drawing of what was required. It was then down to me to make it come to life, the difficulty was the customer required several moving parts. The triangular fingers and earrings needed to spin round, so the robot could wear different earrings or rings. The large disc on its chest spins round, this is going to have graphics of different necklaces. The children can then move all of these pieces, mixing and matching various jewels and jewellery. You can go and see our handiwork, as our robot is part of the robot invasion at Hove museum. An intergalactic exhibition including rockets, space toys, robots and ray guns of all shapes and sizes, including many rare vintage collectable items invade the museum in this space age show of robot force.

Clearly modern