Acrylic See Through Seating Area

This entire seating area is made from translucent aqua acrylic. Each piece is different but when put together they are most definitely a set. There are some similarities between the pieces, the height, angle and depth of the seats are the same but after that they are all individual. Some have armrests and backs, some have just backs, they look like they would fit together if you turned them around or upside down like a game of Tetris. I love the fact it’s been made from see-through acrylic although this makes the assembly more challenging. The slightest of errors in any of the angles or any solvent glue runs would stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t think they were going for comfort when this was designed, it really needs to have some seat cushions, this would of course detract from the effect of being made from completely see-through material. This type of project is the ideal job for our extremely skilled team of fabricators to scratch their heads over. Designed by Morph for Tom Dixon.


Clearly Modern