Acrylic Blocks

When our customer first ordered These blocks I wasn’t sure About the end result. It is very difficult to get a nice even finish to a sanded block, my initial thought was why would you have these huge lumps of acrylic which look so impressive polished and sand them, some of these blocks were 200mm square by 600mm tall making them quite awkward to handle especially if I had needed to hold them underneath a buffing wheel! The initial saw cuts in the blocks were quite deep which wasn’t surprising knowing how the centre of the material tends to be softer makin it burn/melt easier. This meant I had to start off sanding with an orbital sander using very course paper gradually using finer and finer paper, the final finish I had to put on by hand to all 6 sides of the 18 blocks, hard work but worth it the final result looks great especially when they are all set out as in the picture. Shaun

Team Building @ Bowlplex

Great team building trip to the bowlplex Brighton marina last night. Well done Henri For getting the top score . Thank you Jane and Allen for footing the bill and a big thank you to Ginette Firstly for organising It And secondly Complaining about the computer crashing Getting us A free game and a free round of drinks. A great night all round Thank you to all got involved.

New Acrylic Bed Design

This is one of our new designs in our bed range it’s been a long time in the making I think you’ll agree it’s well worth the work the wait, made from the highest quality branded perspex and stainless steel fixings handcrafted and polished by our skilled team of fabricators. The slatted design idea came from a park bench which we originally developed into our acrturus stool this method of construction allows us to form curves bends and shapes that would normally be impossible using such thick acrylic. I like the way the surfaces catch and refract the light it looks absolutely stunning on a sunny day! The fact that it all bolts together means that it flat packs making a delivery and storage easy plus if a component gets damaged or scratched it can be taken apart and repaired or replaced. Our ever expanding range of acrylic furniture will be more and more featuring this type of construction method. As far as I am aware there is nothing currently like this on the market.

Acrylic Table

This contempory table looks amazing, it’s cleverly made to look like a circular occasional table, drapped in a table cloth. Made from completely clear acrylic, the four lower drapes make the feet. This table is formed using one sheet of acrylic, this is heated until pliable in an oven, then carefully laid over a circular former, this gives the impression of the table top. The acrylic is then pulled and pushed to imitate the folds of a table cloth, the four corners, which when drapped are the longest pieces, are then folded right at the ends to form feet, making it look like the fabric gently touches the floor. When the acrylic has cooled, the circular former can be removed, and there you have a tablecloth table. A superb modern design, very cleverly produced, that would grace any room.

Acrylic Magazine rack

This stylish magazine rack would look good beside any comfy chair. I love the way it’s made to look, like the leaves of a book thats flopped open. Each leaf has been curved to look paper like, this is done using an oven. The acrylic is heated until pliable, then quickly placed on to a former. Each leaf is then attached to the spine, making three compartments for magazines. This particular rack is made from 5mm red translucent acrylic, but it could be made in any available coloured acrylic. A great well thought out design, that looks the part, functional and stylish.

Acrylic pendant Light

This stunning pendant light, known as the Small Pine Cone, has such an elegant shape. It looks amazing in all three of its finishes, clear, frosted and mirrored acrylic. All of these examples are the same size/design, measuring 300mm diameter and 400mm tall. Each light is made from 152 individual pieces of acrylic. Most of the pieces are the same shape, only getting slightly smaller as they reach the bottom of the light, these would be shaped by a laser cutting machine. The light starts off with a series of ribs that run from top to bottom on the inside, these all have hooks on which the smaller pieces hang. The shape of the ribs makes the smaller pieces sit at different angles, giving it a pine cone effect. This also affects how light travels through the acrylic, especially in the mirrored version because this acrylic is opaque. Designed by Jonas Lomburg in Copenhagen, all three of these versions look amazing but my favorite is the clear acrylic one.

Clearly Modern Sign

Our good friends from Switch Signs are making good progress with our sign. The stainless steel pans are back from the powder coaters, the acrylic letters are all in place and vinyls have been applied. As you can see, they are doing a fantastic job. The next step will be the fitting, looking forward to seeing them on the outside of our building. I would highly recommend using them for any sign related projects. Checkout their website

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More Acrylic Designer Handbags

More designer handbags, these ones are more art than practical though. All made from solid acrylic encapsulating various animals and guns. The chameleon bag is my favourite, It’s called ” Grandma’s Bag Revisited”, this version has a functional, but rather small top part, made by Louis Vuitton. Complete with gold plated trim and a smiling chameleon, a snip at €25,000. All of these creations are made by Ted Noten, a Dutch jewellery designer and conceptual artist. He is especially known for his “Turbo Princess” pendant, featuring a little mouse wearing a small pearl necklace. Since 2005 his design company Atelier Ted Noten, or ATN, has extended its jewellery creations towards interior design projects. All very beautiful and clever concepts. edu gov link building