Crystal Clear Glue Joints

We’ve got a brand new glueing process that enables us to achieve crystal clear glue joints on large areas, something that we at Clearly Modern have always strived to achieve using our usual solvent glue.

This new method is going to give us greater versatility and let us create bigger and better acrylic furniture with perfect glue joints. After a few trial joints I started to get the hang of how it worked, it wasn’t long before the perfect job arrived to try it out for the first time. Our customer wanted a TV stand and after further discussions with them we decided not to go down our usual route with stainless steel bolts but to glue the piece together. Made from 50mm and 20mm clear acrylic it was a heavy piece of furniture. The glue joints attaching the shelves to the legs were the most difficult to get crystal clear, because the shelves had their corners cut out to let the leg in, so the glue surface was on two planes. The customer was very happy with the outcome and I’m looking forward to using this method more in the future.