Curved Acrylic Chair

The lines of this chair flow beautifully down to the base, the lazy curves look stunning and they are not that easy to achieve. The first time I saw this chair I was unsure of its construction method, it almost looks impossible to make. It is formed from one piece of acrylic and cleverly bent into shape, these wide curves can only be achieved using an oven, heating the whole piece of acrylic until it is pliable enough to drape over a former. Not an easy process, and certainly not guaranteed to work perfectly every time. I love the way the two pieces make the back of the chair, forming a perfect triangle when they meet. These pieces would originally have lain either side of the leg, when it was a complete sheet. As the seat is bent forward, the two pieces are bent up to meet around the back, this pulls a natural curve to the seat, making it comfortable to sit on.


Clearly Modern