Designer Acrylic Handbag

This designer acrylic handbag looks great, a very stylish accessory for any modern girl. This particular version has been made exclusively for Chanel, I presume to accessorise a catwalk model. I’m not entirely sure from this picture how this has been constructed, it looks to be made of a single panel of clear acrylic, the individual pockets would open separately. Probably made from 10mm thick clear acrylic, the bag has a routed hand hole and holes for the shoulder straps. Then each accessory, lipstick, sunglasses, purse, keys and phone has its own hole, routed to fit perfectly. I’m not sure how popular these bags would be if they were to go into production, surely handbags are more useful for hiding things, not much chance of that with these. Could we make designer acrylic handbags? I don’t see why not.

Clearly modern