Wonderful Custom Made Crankshaft Stand On Top Of Pedestal

Our good friend David from plinthsandpedestals.co.uk needed a stand built to sit on top of one of his impressive pedestals, not the display cases that we usually make for him. This was a bit different, he arrived with a very heavy three cylinder crankshaft, a brilliantly engineered chunk of steel. He wanted a clear acrylic stand to display the piece, so I’m thinking easy, I can build a horizontal stand with two straight upright supports. Then he mentions he would like the piece to sit at a 30 degree angle, so off I go to the drawing board to come up with a plan of action. The two angled supports, cut from 20mm thick clear acrylic, were routed and finished by hand then glued at a 30 degree angle to the base. Job done? Not quite. The sheer weight of the metal might have broken the glue joint – a support bracket was needed. It was suggested by a colleague that I use a simple triangle but I thought it would look so much better made with a 30mm diameter rod, which makes it far more difficult to get the angles right. I was very happy with the outcome and think the finished product speaks for itself. The combination of the polished metal and acrylic looks amazing. Maybe somebody should design some furniture using both these materials – oh we have!