Just How Strong is Acrylic?

Just how strong is acrylic? Fancy finding out like this? I think this proves the answer. Without the cage, you wouldn’t stand a chance with this massive salt-water crocodile. For adrenaline junkies a new tourist attraction has opened in Crocasarus Cove, in the heart of the city of Darwin in the northern territories of Australia. With just a pair of goggles and swimming trunks, paying customers get into an acrylic cage, called the “cage of death”. This is then lowered into Choppa’s lair. The cage has no bars, unlike a shark diving cage, this prevents the reptiles from gripping on. There are however deep teeth marks, which apparently put some punters off. They then spend fifteen minutes in the nine foot high cage watching Choppa, who lost both his front feet fighting other crocodiles, try to take a bite out of them. The cage is made from 40mm thick clear acrylic and can withstand everything that Choppa can throw at it, most of our furniture is made from 20mm…. I think it’s probably strong enough!