Laser Technology

Laser technology has come a long way since Flash Gordon’s time, Ming the merciless and his death ray have very little on modern machines. Over the years machines have got safer, smaller and cheaper, making their processes more versatile and accessible. These acrylic tables and tray are fun examples of laser cutting. They show how accurate and neat the cut can be, it would be impossible to achieve the same results using a router, the laser has a very fine cut enabling it to do far more intricate work. The added bonus being that as it cuts through the acrylic, the heat of the laser polishes the edges. The strength of the laser can also be adjusted to engrave or etch into the acrylic, this example of Motorhead’s warpig has been etched on the back of a piece of 15mm thick acrylic, then attached to a piece of 5mm frosted black to show the etching. Any designs, patterns, names or company logos could be incorporated in our furniture designs.