More Acrylic Designer Handbags

More designer handbags, these ones are more art than practical though. All made from solid acrylic encapsulating various animals and guns. The chameleon bag is my favourite, It’s called ” Grandma’s Bag Revisited”, this version has a functional, but rather small top part, made by Louis Vuitton. Complete with gold plated trim and a smiling chameleon, a snip at €25,000. All of these creations are made by Ted Noten, a Dutch jewellery designer and conceptual artist. He is especially known for his “Turbo Princess” pendant, featuring a little mouse wearing a small pearl necklace. Since 2005 his design company Atelier Ted Noten, or ATN, has extended its jewellery creations towards interior design projects. All very beautiful and clever concepts. edu gov link building