Tetris blocks Acrylic Lamp

This fun lamp in the shape of Tetris blocks consists of seven separate pieces, when they are placed together they light up. A very clever idea, if you feel like a change or just a play you can move the pieces to fit together some other way. Made from five different colours of translucent acrylic, the simple shapes are very easy to produce. They’re probably formed from 5mm or 3mm thick acrylic, made into 3D shapes by adding one box width as the depth. The actual lighting of the units is the star of the show here, I’m not sure exactly how they connect to each other electrically, it’s probably a low voltage system and every piece has some sort of conductor at each end. Some more investigation into the workings of this piece is in order I think. The guys from Paladone have done a great job, this type of fun lighting is certainly food for thought for the future. After all the future’s bright….. or so I keep getting told!
Clearly Modern